This  Virtual Campus Course begins with a face-to-face class session to get course participants off to a good start. The course is enhanced with two additional face-to-face class sessions and weekly one-hour support sessions. Please read the Welcome Letter from your course instructor for first class details. The Welcome Letter was mailed by hard copy to your home address and emailed to your OLC student email account.

In this course the student will learn about the philosophical foundations of caring for Infants and Toddlers in groups as well as the special issues of caring for infants in groups.  This type of care is different from the care of one infant, e.g., in a typical family or nanny situation, and from the group care of older children.  The student will also learn how to ensure that infants in professional group care thrive through having assigned to them one or a very few consistent, caring adults to provide security, individualized attention, responsiveness, familiarity, and protection in the context of a peaceful environment.