This is a study of ethics and social responsibility as they relate to issues, conflicts, decision-making and program development in business today. The impact of business activities on: stockholders, employees, communities, the environment, ad society in general are discussed in detail.

No late assignments & discussions are accepted in this course

450 to 500 A

400 to 449 B

350 to 399 C

Anything below this is no pass.

This course provides the principles of management and personnel supervision, as they relate to Tribal programs. Emphasis is on understanding and solving personnel problems, writing program objectives, defining activities to be done,
effective planning, the direction and evaluation of a Tribal program, managing budgets, and studying the interrelationship between various programs and Tribal governments.

Course Description
Accounting Information Systems is an accounting course that provides experience with computer based application software programs. 3 credit hours.

Acct 203 And MIS 113

This course provides an in-depth study of the behavior of people within organizations and the structure of organizations. The course discusses communication, culture, motivation, stress, and decision making. It also discusses teams, leadership, power politics, and conflict and negotiations. The knowledge in this course is applicable to any type of organization.