This course provides an understanding of the unique dynamics of Reservation Economies that affect the lives of Native Americans. Topics include: the economic impact of treaties and their changing interpretation by government; the effect of Federal Department, Agency and Program (such as: Agriculture, BIA, HUD, WIC and Economic Empowerment Zones) activities on reservation economies, job opportunities, citizen attitudes, etc. The roles of: education, Tribal government, the relevant State government, and other reservation-specific issues will be discussed.

This course will provide students with knowledge on:

  1. land status issues common to the area,
  2. business financing, and special circumstances as they apply to the reservation,
  3. Tribal tax laws,
  4. Tribal Business Licenses,
  5. Tribal Uniform Commercial Code, and
  6. Marketing on/off the Reservation.

This course is specific to businesses in Indian Country.